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Very Different Places is a collection of Role Playing Game settings that use a unified combat and skillset resolution system. The system is intended to be easy to learn (under one hour) and be complete while not getting in the way of the narrative; it is recommended that the first session of a game be run freeform, with the character sheets being filled over time as the character is played.

The following settings have been designed with world and rules separation in mind, and thus can easily be converted to an existing system such as GURPS or d20 Modern.

The common theme is humanity's perseverance.

In Iron Legion there was no big disaster: civilization slowly poisoned itself to near death, and the survivors eke out a living on its still-warm body.

In Tripocalypse the end came about as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy... until humanity fought back. A generation later, the children of the Apocalypse look up to the sky again, full of fear and resolve. An alternative scenario in which the fixity of prophecy won out, humanity is overwhelmed at first, and needs to figure out how to fight fate, can be found in Left Beyond.

In Waylights a botched alien invasion xenoformed the world a long time ago, and the clashing cultures, races and biologies have had time to merge and adapt into a thriving society that nevertheless has room for heroes and rogues.

In Photon Knights all these things and more are part of nebulous history; humanity and its descendents have conquered the stars, but not yet tamed them. Granted, while history does not repeat itself, it often rhymes... After the narrow defeat of the Scourge Lord, the stagnant Galactic Empire has fragmented, and opportunity knocks...

Settings under heavy construction: Discs Brethren Pie, a modempunk romp in a divided 1990s Italy, and Paint It Green, the story of the first Martian colonists in the year 2002.

Legalese: Creative Commons 3.0 Noncommercial Sharealike, Attribution to Robots Everywhere,LLC

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