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Enemy Unsure is a 3.5e D&D campaign patterned after X-Com:Enemy Unknown. It is being played primarily in or around Ethengar and uses the maps.


I squarely blame you for the recent weirdness -- your arrival seems to have catalyzed all sort of strange things, first those slimy clacksmen, then the big barges -- not that I will complain about more trade, of course -- and now those rocks with kobolds in them. We had four land around Izwald and I'm pretty sure one hit your farm.

Finish your business in the West quickly. I have found an actual use for your Floral Brigade that will allow it to become a real army unit as well as serving its propaganda purposes: as you know, we're trying to expand our influence further downriver, and this dovetails nicely with your new mission: The foot militia is for city defense, and we cannot send the mounted militia to make a show of force every time raiders or these malnourished kobolds show up at every farm in the Kiyats. More, we're not quite ready to start outright annexing freeholds.

So, and someone write this in a better hand than my chicken scrawl please since this we'll have to show to diplomats eventually:

I, Brand Dios, confirm the Izwaldian Floral Brigade in the duty of eXtramural Communication, and add that of Unwanted Falling Object Defense, to be conducted with such soldiers it can recruit and with such funds as it can secure. The Brigade will be responsible to patrol the environs of Izwald, her outlying farms, and her allied freeholds.

Your grandmother is only going to believe you're part of the family after you crack some skulls, so get to it. And keep a lid on Remia when she's at the farm, please. I'll send you warriors and workers as I can afford them; we got your back - just as long as there aren't tentacles growing out of it.


“With Heaven's aid I have conquered for you a mighty city. But my life will be too short to achieve the reconquest of the Khanate. That task is left for you.”

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