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Our warriors are in good spirits as the project is interesting and overall so far there's been less chance of getting hurt than in the regular militia. One of the promised recruiting perks was better food than in the militia, however, so we'll have to spend at least 2gp per person per week. Then there's pay, which is as much, and then there's all the little things that add up -- brooms, rags, keeping the barn and the stable in repair, feed for the horses and mules and so on. Toma was given allodial title to the farm, so that's not an expense, and the soldiers can do most of the maintenance so there's really no upkeep expense for buildings, but it would be good to set up a fund to deal with these things, so I'm going to budget 5gp per soldier per week.

Izwald's Floral Brigade - Staff Roster

Izwald's Floral Brigade Executive Staff

Eppyonn (1st), E-Rhosho (2nd), Aereihana (3rd), E-Nirekon (4th), Eiremaru (5th), O-Niremaru (6th), O-Niremaou (7th)

NamePosition / RankRoleNotesLevelHealth
Yonme NearCommander; O-Niremaou "Pyro"AssaultZe Boss, on paper is Tactics Officer.3Pregnant
TomaQuartermaster; N/A "Uncle"N/CToo old to go on sortiesxGood
NaekoArcanist; O-Niremaru "Mask"A.N/CAlso Chief Logistics Officer2Good
FredorigArcanist; E-Nirekon "Mercury"A.SupportArcanist Chair, Engineering Officer2Good
RakelSmith; E-Rhosho "Ashes"N/CAlso airship fireman1Good
ArdiAlchemist; E-RhoshoN/CAlso researcher1Good
Toru MaoAs. Alchemist; Rhosho "Smokey"AssaultAssistant Alchemist1Good
FarokMerchant; E-RhoshoN/CBartok clan liaison1Good
BiggieWeather; E-Rhosho "Biggie"A.SupportHarpy liaison and Bookkeeper2Good

Izwald's Floral Brigade - Pilot Roster

Shabelin (1st), Lansrette/Lansren (2nd), Hallbritn (3rd), Glavenierr (4th), Guissarette/Guissaren (5th)
NameFlying Ability/VehiclesRankRoleLevelNotesHealth
KaiaGlider; Endurance FlyerLansrette "Arrow"Air2F, Human. Lightest pilot, normal night vision.Good
KrunzGlider; ScoutShabelin "Who"Air1M, H-ork. Good night vision.Good
Lana?In Training.Shabelin –Air1F, Human. New recruit, seems light enough.Good
PolliGlider; InterceptorLansren "Ears"Air2M, Elf. Showy flight style, good night vision.Good
Sta'risaffre?In Training.Shabelin –Air1F, Elf. New recruit.Good
Suzi?In Training.Shabelin –Air1F, Human. New recruit.Good
Grass DasherHarpy; InterceptorLansrette "Maverick"Assault2F, Harpy: Weak flight ability, but very fastGood
Fennel SeedsHarpy; Night FlyerLansrette "Tweety"Assault3F, Harpy: Scout, Secondary BlitzerkerGood
Long RangerHarpy; Endurance FlyerHallbritn "Snake"Scout2F, Harpy: Scout, boss of harpiesGood
Pigeon CatcherHarpy; Endurance FlyerHallbritn "Bugle"Support2F, Harpy: Weak flight ability, Combat supportGood
Fire BrandHarpy; InterceptorHallbritn "Booster"A.Heavy3H, Harpy: Has healing and combat abilityGood
ScootsHarpy; ScoutLansrette "Chickun"Scout1F, Harpy: Scout, minor combat abilityGood

Izwald's Floral Brigade - Combat Force Roster

Pyonn (1st), Rhosho (2nd), Reihana (3rd), Nirekon (4th), Niremaru (5th), O-Niremaru (6th), O-Niremaou (7th)
Milktea GeltorreO-Niremaru "Tank"SupportF Halfelf3GoodSecond in Command; Force Commander.
Lewi HanNirekon "Bench"SniperF Halfork3GoodPrimary sniper. Qualified battlefield commander.
Zogurt ZogNirekon "Brick"HeavyM Ork2GoodQualified battlefield commander.
Bin FongNirekon "Shield"AssaultM Halfork3GoodQualified battlefield commander.
Kirinagi TongReihana "Bones"SupportF Human3GoodOnly technically on combat roster for now.
Ramiire TsuRhosho "That Guy"SniperM Human2GoodIs possibly due for a promotion when we have enough to move.
TorkRhosho "Tiburon"AssaultM Ork2GoodHeavy-ish, better for defending or infantry.
Ayotnom OginiRhosho "Achilles"AssaultM Human2GoodGood duelist, also decently lightweight for build.
Mimigaru GaruPyonn –SupportF Halfork1GoodNew Recruit.
ShiinaPyonn –ScoutF Human1GoodNew Recruit.

Floral Brigade Thaumecha Research Division

Head Artificer: Naeko: O-Niremaru
Head Arcanist: Fredorig: E-Nirekon
Assistant Crew: Yukina (Brains), Solti (Memory), Zogurt (Muscle)

Thaumecha Rankings: Nouiceur (Novice, 1st), Sautreur (Experienced, 2nd), Zegrauer (Sargent, 3rd), Xhenerauer (Master, 4th)
Dreams NearH FirrikXhenerauer "Flames"T.Support3Titan F. GroundGoodUsing some of her old stuff expedited development considerably.
Remia DiosF Human?Sautreur "Seeker"T.Assault3Dragonkite SuitGoodFirst in line for skeletron testing.
Genny SevenF Human?Sautreur "Li'l Bit"T.Sniper3L.O.L.I.T.AGoodNaeko's Pet.
Grakata ClemF H-orkNouiceur –1N/A (Training)Recovering, 2 weeksRecent volunteer.
Juniper LeloacciF H-orkNouiceur –1N/A (Training)Recovering, 2 weeksRecent volunteer, feisty.
MeridiaF HumanNouiceur –1N/A (Training)Recovering, 2 weeksRecent volunteer, much angry.
Roka NuenH H-orkNouiceir –1N/A (Training)Recovering, 2 weeksRecent volunteer.
ZelaH H-orkNouiceir –1N/A (Training)Recovering, 2 weeksRecent Volunteer.
Atellier Crew
YukinaF H-orkResearcher; EppyonData Analysist1––GoodScholarly type.
Solti?F OrkResearcher; EppyonData Recording1––GoodPacifist, dutiful.
Bleufie?F RabitianAtellier Test SubjectConstruction1Orgonne HarnessGoodFey blooded, possibly good generator material.
Bo-Tango?F OrkAtellier Test SubjectConstruction1Orgonne HarnessGoodComplete Pacifist.
Ripley?F HumanAtellier Test SubjectConstruction1––GoodPrefers to not have to fight. Half-Glantrian.
Yurinari?F HumanAtellier Test SubjectConstruction1––GoodBody suggests some unusual blood mutations.

Secondary roles and teams

Communications: Primary Messengers and assigned bases

  • Iron Star: Fenny
  • Plateau: Dasher, Kaia
  • Izwald: Krunz, Scoots

Medical Team:

  • Head Medic: Kirinagi Tong
  • Secondary Medical Staff (Magical Healing): Biggie, Firebrand "Ran"
  • Emergency Medical Staff (Mundane Medicine): Bin Fong, Lewi Han, Ramiire Tsu, Shiina


  • Naeko Lead Artificer; Fredorig Lead Thaumaturge; Ardi Lead Alchemist
  • Research and Fabrication Near (Dreams and Yonme), Rakel, Solti, Tohru, Yukina

Combat Trainers: Can train new soldiers, as well as maintaining drills and decorum.

  • Instructor: Dreams Near-Dios, Milktea Geltorre
  • Motivator: Pidge

Nonmilitary persons under watch.

Lux – F, Chryssalish. Cute and ill-suited for combat, she has an interesting connection with Genny and Remia, which should be observed further.
Niadra – F, Half-Silver Dragon Human(?). Quite large overall, she is currently residing upon the Iron Star.

Izwald's Floral Brigade - Inventory and Research


Rolling Holy Star Mission: Mission to reach the Iron Star Complete!
Black Descent and Twilight Fall: Combating lizardfolk missions, two in one night. Complete!.
Iron Star Seekers: Going back up to the Iron Star and retrieving more supplies. Awaiting Results
The Bortaks and the Lily: Lending the White Lily to the Bortaks, along with some of our doods to keep an eye on it. Funding mission, essentially. Complete.
Operation: Argent Raid: The primary attack on the silver one's base itself! Complete!
Preparing for what's next: Things to do, recovering after Argent Raid, among other things.


  • Do a show-n-tell at the horse fair grounds outside of Izwald. Completed; results unsure (need to recheck)
  • Recruit some harpies. Complete; The Lyre Flock has been recruited
  • Clear out the mine in Bortak territory and use it as an observation post as well as a mine. Partial; Fair amount of loot obtained, but primary goal incomplete, due to succubus.
  • Capture a live protobold. Complete; Interrogation yielded significant clues towards Alien Origins.
  • Decide whether to deal with the tribes as a single body or separately. In Progress
  • Test the Double Entendre and get into space
  • Retrieve Near. Technically complete? We have her back.
  • Explode the Silver One Completed so hard we blew up the World Mountain as well.
  • Get all the shinies!
  • Wipe that smug expression off of Zog's Face
  • Expand glider technology to catch up to airship and rocket tech.
  • Build another airship! This one is to sell, so it can be a bit meh and not use all our good stuff. In progress! The Aurelianense is ready for sale, now to find a buyer.
  • Get better equipment! Work in progress that will never be finished.

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