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The kingdom of Muscletonia


The Kingdom of Muscletonia is a small, landlocked, steppe country famed for its stonemasons and wrestlers.


The kingdom of Muscletonia is a monarchy with a large, extended royal family. It is very common for royals to have ten or twelve children survive to maturity. The crown is passed to a new king every five years, as consequence of the Royal Tournament. Anyone with a claim of royal blood may enter the tournament - it is tradition that true royals, given their better breeding stock and intense training, will win. The tournament's nature is primarily wrestling, intermixed with contests of skill, strategy, and debate as befitting royalty. These contests include chess, archery, and in recent years, horsemanship, as the increased influence of Muscletonia has brought more horse trade to the nation. Both men and women compete equally in the tournament, and the title of Great King or Great Queen is awarded a royal who has won the tournament and taken the crown. If a royal bears the title of simply King or Queen, they have earned it only by marriage.


Their primary exports are skilled labour, stonework, and bodyguards.

Their primary imports are horses, lumber, and foreign meats.


During times of war, the royal family comes together at the Great Palace, becoming its own bodyguard. During an Assembly of War, no member of the Royal Family has ever been successfully assassinated, though impressions of would-be assassins can be found in the stonework of the palace, as a result of the intense fighting.

The armies of Muscletonia are not the barbaric wrestlers and spear-throwers you might imagine. In fact, the state soldiers are primarily trained in engineering and logistics, with the bulk of the rank and file coming from hired mercenaries.


Magic in Muscletonia, due to its influence on the tournament, is a very culturally sensitive topic. A royal may never practice magic in Muscletonia, on penalty of giving up all royal claim and being disowned from the royal family. This is not as great a black mark as it may seem - the Order of Magic is a diverse family of wizard-wrestlers that holds their own tournament, and forms the backbone of the army's elite. The order is composed of many schools, of varying sizes, very similar to fighting dojos. The smallest may number a dozen members or so, with the largest being composed of over a hundred magic users.

Current Times

Muscletonia is trying to become a greater mercantile power, and with the aid of a growing tradition of horsemanship and caravan merchants, it may happen. The royal family is trying to groom princesses to appeal to foreign lords, so that they may forge alliances through marriage, but Muscletonia's tradition is strong, and for a foreign prince to become a part of the great royal family, he must fight! This is often even more of a deal-breaker for the strong, handsome Muscletonian princes that wish to woo foreign ladies, but there are always exceptions...


1 If you are using Muscletonia in a setting without magic, any other performance enhancing abilities such as psi, cybernetics, nanotech, gene mods, whatever, can replace magic.

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