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Our heroine, Princess Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus Gates the 3rd, accompanied by Amelia Beufort.

This is a collective game run on 4chan's /tg/ board. It is based on Space Core's WhatGoesUp rules and run by your very own GodMother?.

It is the dawn of the 8th century of the Gates dynasty and the Kingdom of Midland is recovering from a great war against the Northern Kingdoms. The 5 year war against the Nordic hoards was ended by the Royal Rocketry Corps and Professora Minerva Pallas' radio-reactive bomb. In this time of peace however, and burdened with the same of creating such a dreadful weapon, the Corps is struggling to find purpose in the modern age.

On her 16th birthday, Princess Lydia Tannhäuser Von Cygnus Gates the 3rd was named executive director of the Rocket Corps and gave it a new mission. To put an artificial satellite into orbit by the end of the year, and thereafter develop manned space travel with the ultimate goal to conquer the moon in the name of the king! However back on earth great changes are underway threatening the kingdom, and in the stars above unseen forces are in motion, watching and waiting...

A list of archived chapters for your convenience.

Dramatis Personae
An always incomplete list of characters appearing in this drama.

Technical Data
A list of the various spacecraft in use by the Royal Rocket Corps and other similar organizations.

A map of the known world and geographic information.

House rules
A list of house rules to SpaceCore's system

Space Princess Quest would not be possible without,

  • Squad's video game, Kerbal Space Program
  • VSCA Publishing's, tabletop role-playing game Diaspora
  • Iain M Banks' Culture novels
  • Isaac Asimov's short story, The Last Question
  • Hōsuke Nojiri's light novel series, Rocket girls
  • Hiroyuki Yamaga's anime, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise
  • Space Core's WhatGoesUp rule-set
  • My players on 4chan's traditional games board
  • And lastly The brave men and women of the manned space programs of XXth century earth.
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